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Detailed Design and Full CAD/CAM 3D Engineering

From the the basic design drawings we model in 3D the entire ship with the level of details necessary for your project. We apply a strict quality control on our ship models providing full warranty on following important matters:


  • Detailed 3D modeling of the entire ship structure
  • Machinery 3D modeling with accurate interfaces positioning
  • Efficient coordination of piping, ducts and cable trays
  • Service spaces and clearance for part removal
  • Clash and collision avoidance
  • Accessibility and maintanability
  • Ergonomics

Production Drawings and Workshop Documentation

Give us your project and we can provide all the production documentation you need to build it!
Hull and structure:
  • Nesting plans and CNC cutting files
  • Block erection plans
  • Plate bending templates
  • Profile sketches and bending templates
  • Material booklets
  • Welding plans
Machineries and piping:
  • Piping systems arrangement plans
  • Isometrics and spool sketches for pipes
  • Equipment foundations
  • Pipe supporting plans
  • Cable trays and ducts layout
  • Composite and coordination plans
  • Valve lists and bills of materials