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Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Vietnam today is listed in the top five ship building countries worldwide! Several international ship building groups have already invested in this country and ship Owners from all around the world have already built here their new ships. Nowadays shipbuilding in Vietnam is a modern and efficient industry and the level of skills and competences of Vietnamese engineers has reached excellent level. It’s in this context that we select the most prepared and experienced Naval Architects and Marine Engineer that, following an efficient and well structured management system, are able to develop any kind of challenging project.

Shipbuilding and Shipyard's processes

Not only “behind desk” experience but a strong background of real ship building! All people in our team have a good level of experience in shipyards and we’ve developed a deep knowledge of  modern ship construction processes. We are firmly convinced  this is a real added value of our Company  that distinguish us on the market of marine consultancy firms in Vietnam. We are very proud to offer this value to our Clients.

Project Management

We strongly believe in the importance of the project triple constraints management, that means run the project constantly monitoring costs, time and scope always focusing on the final quality. We employ only professional project managers, certified PMP® giving to our clients the confidence to deliver what they need in time, according the assigned budget and most important at the expected quality.


Lean Management

We firmly believe that our Clients must pay only for the real value that we provide them. For this reason we have created a company culture oriented to the continuous improvement and enhancing the efficiency applying the principles of lean management: cut the wastes, focus on the real value, focus on what the client really need.