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Vietnam is not only one of the most dynamic economy of the globe but also a fast rising shipbuilding nation!

In the worldwide trend of transferring from developed to developing countries, the Vietnamese shipbuilding industry has taken advantages from government supporting policies and in few years became one of the world leader nations in terms of new building tonnage.

In this context the overall labor skills in the marine industry has grown quickly not only for production competence but also in terms of technical knowledge and design expertise. Today the most important strong point of Vietnamese shipbuilding industry is exactly this: high level of competence associated to a still competitive cost of man power. And if correctly managed and addressed these good competences can give relevant results in terms of quality and competitiveness.

It’s in this background that VIMATEC Engineering has been created. Our intention is address the rising level of Vietnamese technical skills and knowledge in the way to have high level of productivity and quality comparable to foreigners standards. Today this is really possible and our secret is merge together an European style management to the dynamic and skillful young generation of Vietnamese marine engineers!

hinh anh thuan1

Naval architect and marine engineer, MSE, MBA
Member of SNAME, VISIA
Managing director

Thuan Bui Ngoc is a Vietnamese Naval Architect and Marine Engineer graduated at the Vietnam Maritime University in Hai Phong.
He started his working experience as Naval Architect at the Shipbuilding Science and Technology Institute (SSTI-Vietnam), in Ha Noi. Here he got the opportunity to achieve a wide experience in ship design (including basic and detailed), working on several kind of new building projects for many foreigner customer as project engineering leader first and project manager later. From 2012 he worked for a European shipbuilding group in Ho Chi Minh City where he managed the hull and structural design department.
With an overall 15 years’ experience in ship design, he’s got wide knowledge and competence in several kind of vessel type including cargo, LPG, tugs, fishery and service ships.


The Team

Our team is composed by well prepared, motivated and experienced Naval Architects and Marine Engineers graduated in the best maritime Universities in Vietnam.
All our engineers are trained to use the best and most advanced engineering tools and software. They have also a good level of experience in shipyards and the whole team has developed a deep knowledge of modern ship construction processes.
Following an efficient and well structured management system, we are able to develop any kind of challenging project.

Our vision

Spread the high level of skills and competence in marine engineering, present nowadays in Vietnam, outside the border of this country. This is our vision today!
Our target markets are not only local Clients but mainly foreigner shipyards, shipowners, design firms that would like to rely on European standard quality of service at fully competitive price.
The vision for the future is extremely challenging but very clear for us: become one of the reference point for ship design and marine engineering consulting not only in Vietnam but in the whole region of South-East Asia.