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Vietnam shipbuilding industry is today a modern and efficient industrial compartment. Due to huge foreign investments and a long term commitment from the Central Government, the whole maritime industry has reached excellent level in terms of people skills, technology and process efficiency.

Nowadays along the 3500km of coastal extension in Vietnam there are dozens of shipyards both at international or local management that can build any kind of ship, at very good level of quality and with the indisputable competitive advantage of high level of skills at still low level of labor cost.

We can provide to ship Owners interested in investigating the opportunity to build the next ship in Vietnam, all the necessary assistance to perform the best choice according the type of project and the main constraint (budget, time, quality required). Some of our services are:

  • Study of feasibility
  • Shipyard capability evaluation
  • Gap analysis
  • Brokerage and contractual liaison
  • New building contract management

Shipyard Process Improvement

Our experience in ship and boat building processes, together the deep knowledge of quality improvement and process optimization management technique can help shipyards that would like to implement quality and efficiency enhancing projects. 

  • Corporate training in Project Management
  • Process improvement projects
  • Six Sigma project execution
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • ISO Quality Management Systems

Equipment Manufacturer Dealership

If you are a manufacturer of marine equipment and you would like to extend your commercial activity in Vietnam through a local dealer/representative, we can support you with our competences, expertise and knowledge of local market. We will treat your business as our business and care your customers as our customers.

  • Direct dealership
  • Local commercial
  • Marketing and promotion on local market
  • After sales management